I wrote a cookbook!

So I did a thing – I wrote a cookbook. And took the pictures. And just published it. I feel so naked. So exposed.

For years, I’ve been collecting and testing recipes for a nutrition group I’m a coach in. It’s called Nourish and is run by my good friend Rebecca. I’ve been testing the program and on the program since its inception, and have been truly happy with the results. I (mostly) eat clean, low processed foods, sparingly eat meat and poultry, and have completely eliminated dairy (I found I have an intolerance – this isn’t necessarily part of the program). But I have a family, and I can’t be cooking myself different meals than everyone else. So I’ve adapted our family favorites to fit the plan. Now, every night that I make dinner, it’s on plan and is enjoyed by all – mostly (I have picky family members. They’re teenagers now. I tell them to push aside the parts they don’t like. They are much better about trying things than when they were younger).

This cookbook is a collection of the recipes I make for my family, for friends and for potlucks. There are requested recipes from other members of the nutrition group. There are breakfasts, desserts, sauces and dips. There are dinners, salads, soups and snacks. I’ve tried to put all the basics in there with not too complicated ingredients/instructions. Because the recipes are whole foods based, they can easily be adapted to vegan, whole food plant based (wfpb), dairy free and gluten free dietary restrictions. I’ve worked for a solid year on testing recipes, taking pictures, compiling into a book, then formatting said book into the publisher’s configuration.

I hope you’ll click below, take a look at the book and possibly order it. Try some of the recipes. And nourish your body a little more from the inside out.

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