Few Ingredients Dough

I based my dough recipe on the 2-ingredient recipes that are floating around. I don’t keep self-rising flour on hand, plus I wanted to incorporate whole wheat flour instead.

Feel free to substitute other plain yogurts (non-dairy as well), but you may need to add a little more flour to keep it from being too sticky. You can add herbs and spices directly to the dough before baking. I have not tried GF flours, so I can’t speak to how they work in this recipe. If you have had success, please comment at the end!

2 cups whole wheat flour + 3 tsp baking powder + 1 tsp salt + 1 cup unflavored Greek yogurt

  • In a mixing bowl, add flour, baking powder and salt. Stir with a whisk to combine well.
  • Remove ¼ cup of the flour.
  • Add the Greek yogurt and mix with a spoon/spatula as much as you can.
  • Pour out onto a cutting board and knead to combine. Add extra flour (from the 1/4 cup) if dough is really sticking to the board.
  • Use in recipes as you wish, or roll into breadsticks and bake at 375F for about 15 minutes.

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