Harry Potter Day

To say that I love Harry Potter is an understatement. To say that I love all things Harry Potter would get closer. I have loved HP and sharing my love of the story since finishing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone the year after I graduated college. 

As soon as I was done reading it myself, I brought it into my first year classroom and told my students that I found an amazing read aloud. And I have been hooked ever since. I hooked my then-boyfriend (now-husband) on the stories, and we eagerly awaited the arrival of books 4, 5, 6 and 7, each taking turns reading chapters and passing it back and forth to the other person.

When my kids were old enough (3rd or 4th grade), I spent a summer with each of them, snuggled in a chair or on the couch, reading word for word each chapter of each book. As a family, we loved Harry Potter! We had Harry Potter trivia nights, charades and movie nights. The kids took endless quizzes online to determine their “true” house. Would You Rather questions were thrown around during every car ride.

We had 2 Harry Potter birthday parties.

I created at least 3 separate years of Harry Potter week-long summer camps. Most included friends and neighbors who were also HP fans.

There have been lots of HP themed lunches and snacks.

I’ve helped with Harry Potter room re-dos.

We surprised our kids one summer with a week of owl post and a trip to Universal with its Harry Potter world.

And now, alas, 3-4 years after that trip, they are slowly moving past. Don’t get me wrong, we still like playing homemade HP Guess Who and charades. We went to a concert/movie viewing of the Sorcerer’s Stone at the NJPAC. Sometimes, fan fiction brings Harry Potter back into conversation. A manicure can sometimes convince one or two to have another discussion. But online games, texting with friends, Star Wars and Marvel universes have taken over the space we once shared with Harry.

I was hoping that this self-quarantine would allow us time to get back into the “comfort” of HP, but even though their teachers were reading chapters, even with Daniel Radcliff himself reading one, I only got a ‘meh’ response. 

So for one last hurrah, I’ve declared a Harry Potter day. I know the “official” Harry Potter Day is the end of July, but we’re quarantining now. (If we’re still in quarantine then, I’ll do another one!) Hopefully, the kids will find an old HP shirt (or wear their house color), enjoy some HP themed snacks and have a meal in the great hall at night. I’m also hoping to watch at least one of the movies… even if only by myself.

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