Teen Cooking Series

Teen Cooking Series

Teens need the knowledge and tools to make healthier choices.

These cooking classes will provide fun, more nutritious options for the snacks and meals that teens crave most.

Nutritional information will be sprinkled in with basic and intermediate kitchen skills instruction.

For the time being, these classes will be virtual only.

Winter 2021 Session – Cancelled

This 6 week session will include quick and easy sweet and savory snacks and stovetop meals. All recipes are vegetarian with vegan and meat added options. Recipes and virtual instruction will also include modifications for dietary preferences and allergies that may be present in the household. Please reach out to the instructor for any questions related to allergies.

Chips, Dips and Nachos

The first two weeks cover oven baked root chips, tortilla chips and from scratch dips and cheese sauce. There will be suggestions and tips for ways to incorporate a variety of vegetables in each of these savory snacks.

Chocolate Treats and Snacks

Chocolate is something that my teenagers can never eat enough of! These two weeks cover quick “chocolate fixes” and some treats that can be made and eaten throughout the week (if they last that long).

Take Out from Home

The last two weeks cover two take out favorites: Asian and Tex-Mex. These classes will re-create more nutritious versions of noodles, sushi and burritos.

Try out some other themed recipes

Our Favorite Recipes

Squash Soup

This comforting soup comes together in under 30 minutes. Puree for a smooth result or keep it chunky if you’d like. Top it off with a swirl of sour cream or plain yogurt (regular or DF) to make it fancy! 2 ribs celery 2 carrots 1 small onion 1 medium apple 1 Tbsp butter orContinue reading “Squash Soup”

Few Ingredients Dough

I based my dough recipe on the 2-ingredient recipes that are floating around. I don’t keep self-rising flour on hand, plus I wanted to incorporate whole wheat flour instead. Feel free to substitute other plain yogurts (non-dairy as well), but you may need to add a little more flour to keep it from being tooContinue reading “Few Ingredients Dough”

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