Camp at Home Kits 2020 – SOLD OUT!

Stuck home this summer? Looking for ideas of what to do with your kids? Looking for ways to get your kids off of screens and into the outdoors? Look no further! Camp at Home Kits will provide interesting and creative activities to engage your child for at least a few hours each day!

Each kit will include activities, instructions and materials (when necessary) for 6-7 different activities across some typical camp disciplines: science, art/crafts, nature, cooking, activity/games, gratitude/meditative. It will include a menu with directions and links to videos (where appropriate). Each week, a new kit will be released with different activities and materials in each discipline.

It will be up to the parents to supervise their children where they feel appropriate and adjust the activities as needed. The activities  should mostly be child-led, and the instructions given (with pictures and/or video links) should help the children be more independent. There will be a Zoom call check in once or twice a week (pre-scheduled) and a private Facebook group where questions can be asked and final products can be shared and enjoyed by all.

The activities will be most appropriate for kids aged 10+, but younger kids can certainly participate along with older siblings and more supervision.

Sign up for one week or all 4. Have multiple kids? They can work together with one kit, or “add a child” for extra materials.

Expected Offerings (topics subject to change)

Week 1 (starts 7/6) – SOLD OUT
Kit includes 7 activities and materials for geodes and sidewalk chalk.


Week 2 (starts 7/13) – SOLD OUT
Kit includes 7 activities and materials for a lava lamp and window clings.


Week 3 (starts 7/20)SOLD OUT
Kit includes 7 activities and materials for milk plastic and painted rocks.


Week 4 (starts 7/27) – SOLD OUT
Kit includes 7 activities and materials for a marble run and big message -small paintings.


Add a child
Make sure you specify which week you’d like to add the extra materials for.


All 4 weeks – SOLD OUT
Pay upfront for all 4 weeks and save.

$110 (1 child), $175 (2 children)

Please email for questions or to register.

Kits are limited each week. Available on a first come first serve basis. Local to Morristown area only.

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